It was established by a decision of Prof. Dr. / Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Information No. 134 of 1973..

It occupies the Royal Club, which was established in 1939. Study started at the college in the academic year in 1978. At that time the building was consisted of the basement (unused due to the high groundwater at that time), the first floor which is occupied by the scientific, administrative departments and the roof of the faculty which was consisted of two rooms that have been equipped to be the office of Prof. Dr./ Dean of the Faculty


On 06.09.1990, an extension to the faculty theatre have been built as well as a ground floor to expand the department of Oral Surgery and to include a 100-seat theatre for students (theatre of Prof. Dr. / Nabil Qinawi); the first floor is assigned to include another 100-seat theatre for students (theatre of Prof.Dr./ Ahmed Medhat) and some other scientific departments.

On 05.18.1995, a 250-seat theatre for students has been built (theatre of Pro.Dr/ Mohmad El-Zanati) and
another one of 45-seat for Postgraduate.

On 05.26.1996, an equipped exam hall with its service rooms has been constructed on the faculty flats that, at the same time, exploited to the full during the academic year as laboratories of practical lessons
for students.

On 07.11.1996, an extension of clinics consisting of a ground and four-floors has been constructed.

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