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Cairo International Exhibition 2018

The Cairo International Exhibition will be held on November 8-9, 2018 at the Small and Medium Enterprises in Nasr City,

which is part of the World Entrepreneurship Week, under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. In addition to, nearly 600 exhibitors from Egypt, Malaysia, China, Arab and African countries and more than 5000 visitors are interested in science, technology and innovation. The exhibition will be attended by many Arab, African and Asian countries.

Cairo Innovates - Cairo International Exhibition of Innovation aims to stimulate scientific innovation in Egypt through creating a hub that excites people about science and research, connects innovators to enablers and key stakeholders, and allows local innovators to exhibit and commercialize their inventions. The two days event includes sessions, workshops, competitions, panels, and inspiring stories of rising talents. Cairo Innovates includes an exhibition of the latest inventions and innovations, an interactive “Makers Campus”, and a “Junior Scientist” area with a special focus on stimulating the culture of innovation to increase the country’s productivity and competitiveness, and reducing poverty and inequality.

International Cairo Exhibition of Innovation is an initiative of ASRT to create an annual innovation market, where innovators, technology transfer centres, technology companies, enablers and others meet and share their ideas. The Exhibition is open to the public. The idea of the Exhibition comes from the keenness of ASRT to spread the culture of innovation, encourage creativity and create chances for young people to present their innovative products or projects

Register through the following link:

-- Children's innovative: http://asrt.sci.eg/en/index.php/ciei-1

-- Graduation Projects: http://asrt.sci.eg/en/index.php/ciei-2

--Emerging technology companies: http://asrt.sci.eg/en/index.php/ciei-3

-- The pavilion to deepen local manufacturing: http://asrt.sci.eg/en/index.php/ciei-5

-- Technology transfer and marketing offices: http://www.asrt.sci.eg/en/index.php/ciei-6

--The supporters of innovation: http://www.asrt.sci.eg/en/index.php/ciei-7

-- The Science and Society: http://www.asrt.sci.eg/en/index.php/ciei-9

-- Future Technologies: http://www.asrt.sci.eg/en/index.php/ciei-10

-- Community Innovation for Individuals: http://www.asrt.sci.eg/en/index.php/ciei-11

The deadline for registration of your project is 4 October 2018

For more details please follow:







Call for a workshop entitled "EU- Fund Academic Projects… How to join?"

The Post-graduate Studies and Research Sector invites academic staff and their assistants at the university to attend a workshop entitled 

"EU- Fund Academic Projects… How to join?" on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 2 pm in the meeting hall, Physics Department, Faculty of Science

The workshop will be presented by Dr. Georgita Chirlesan, European Project Specialist at the University of Phetchy Romania

The workshop is free of charge and attendance will be given certificate

Call for the State Awards for 2019

The Supreme Council of Culture announces the State Awards (Nile for Egyptian inventors - Nile for Arab inventors - Merit - Excellence) in the fields of arts, literature and social sciences for 2019.

The university faculties shall nominate the members of the faculty who meet the conditions of nomination for each prize and provide us with the names of those who are chosen in accordance with the conditions

The nominations must be submitted to the Administration of Research in the Administration of the University no later than December 1, 2018

Please see attached attachments: Click here

Call for the 6th Training Course for Electron Microscope Applications

The electronic microscopy unit at Mansoura University announces the holding of the sixth training course for the applications of electron microscopy, scanner and

Zeta Potential Analyzer in the fields of research, diagnostics, nanotechnology and industry for the faculty members and their assistants, researchers at centers and industrial companies at the national and regional organizations from 25 to 27 September 2018. It is worth mentioning that the University of Mansoura is unique to the availability of Zeta Potential Analyzer, which will be trained in this session.

This course will be calculated within the group of courses required to raise the highest degree for faculty members and their assistant at Mansoura University.

The registration deadline for the course is 20/9/2018.

For more details of the course can be found on the unit's website: http://emunit.mans.edu.eg/


Call for attending the annual meeting of the Synchrotron Project (SESAME) Jordan 2018

The Scientific Research and Technology Academy announces the opening of the annual meeting of the Synchrotron Project (SESAME).

The Synchrotron project is one of the largest and most important scientific and research projects in the Middle East region sponsored by UNESCO and co-managed by eleven countries of the region supported by the European Union, the United States of America and Japan.

The unique idea of ​​the project is to build a world-class research excellence center. The Synchrotron is the latest scientific technology to identify the internal structure of materials and to monitor the movement of molecules during interactions and their 3D visualization. This is contributing to the development of research in field of Pharmacy, Biology, Physics, Agriculture, Environment and Archeology.

The meeting will be held in Jordan from December 15 to 16, 2018.

For further information click here 

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