Federation of Human Resources Development Research Centers in the Arab World, in cooperation with Al-Quds Open University and Federation of Arabic Scientific Research Councils, is organizing its 6th conference "Women in the Arab World and the Development of Human Resources: Empowerment and Increased Participation in the Labor Market"

Date: 15th-16th of Oct, 2017, Amman-Jordan

Women empowerment in the Arab World and increased participation in the economic life are considered one of the most important goals of the development in the region. There is a correlated relation between women empowerment and participation in the community, and the economic growth and development. Recommendations concluded from most regional and international conferences dealing with similar topic, assured that there can’t be a sustainable growth without the positive participation of women in the economic, political, and social development of the community. Nevertheless, several human development reports stated that women empowerment is not yet to have a great interest in the Arab World and it’s not majorly discussed in research papers and academic studies and policies. Thus, universities and educational institutions should care the most for this issue.

Goals of the conference

Explore mechanisms of women empowerment through the human resources development in the Arab region.
Exchange experience and knowledge on effective initiatives and policies to empower women in the Arab region and the promotion of such initiatives.
Identify problems and challenges that face women empowerment programs in the Arab region.
Develop cooperation between Palestine and the Arab countries in the field of women development and empowerment.
Identify approaches of effective employment of women participation in the Arab region.
Analyze innovative models of development and women empowerment.
Explore regulations, legislations and constitutions in the Arab region and the international community related to women development in the Arab region.


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