PhD Scholarships from Japan

As part of the Egyptian-Japanese initiative for education, the Cultural Affairs and Missions announces the scholarships for obtaining the PhD degree, joint supervision system and post-doctoral scientific missions from Japan. The registration will be electronically through the website of the cultural affairs and missions sector: from 8/5/2017 to 2/7/2017.

Duration of study in Japan is as follows:

- Foreign mission to obtain a doctorate: 3 years.

- Joint supervision system: 1 year.

- Scientific mission: six months.

Education: for Ph.D. and Joint Research and Post-Doctoral

Fields of study and research area in the Education discipline shall include:
- "Tokkatsu" related research;
- Teaching Method ( including subject Pedagogy especially in Physical Education, Music, Science and Mathematics);
- School Governance (Management);
- In-Service Teacher Training ( such as "Lesson study") related research;
- Comparative Education;
- Early Childhood Care and Education;
- Educational Psychology, Measurement and Evaluation;
- School Facility/ Equipment, Teaching and Learning Materials related research;
- Special Needs Education(Autism, learning disorder, etc.); and
- Other related fields to the above topics

Medical Sciences:
Fields of study and research areas in the Medical Sciences discipline shall include:
- Stem Cells;
- Liver Transplant;
- General and Oral Pathology;
- Anatomy;
- Molecular Biology;
- Pharmaceutical Industrial Development;
- Educational Psychiatrics; and
- Mental and Physical disability ( related to school age children ) research.

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