"Daad Language a Cultural Bridge between Nations "Conference

The idea of the conference emerged from the importance of the Arabic Language and its status among the world's languages.

Arabic is a thinking and communication tool that is distinguished by its eloquent words, smooth pronunciation, accuracy of significance and the ability to create and derivation. It is the language of the Holy Quran, thus learning it is essential for worshipers to allow them to recite the Holy Quran and practice worship acts, also to learn about the Islamic and Arabian culture; in order to build bridges of Cultural exchange and constructive dialogue among human civilizations.

The idea of holding this conference came at Amman Arab University campus in cooperation with Reference Academy in order to enhance Daad language under the name of "Daad Language a Cultural Bridge between Nations"

Amman Arab University which teaches Arabic as a Second language for Non-Arabs and Reference academy that is keen on spreading the Arabic language, hope that the conference grabs the attention of researchers and educational institutions through the active participation, researches and studies that are useful for Arabic language teachers for non-native speakers, through constructive conversations and exchanging points of view and experiences at this field.

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