Programs of the Francophone University Agency

The Scientific Research Academy announces the programs funded by the Francophone University Agency, which includes the following Egyptian 

universities: Cairo - Ain Shams - Al Azhar - Alexandria - Helwan - Damanhour - Mansoura - Tanta and Alexandria Studies Center. It includes French University, the University of Sangour in Alexandria, the Center for Economic, Judicial and Social Studies and the French Center for Oriental Archeology

The areas of cooperation are three programs:

  1. 1-Support innovation- training by offering grants for the last year of a bachelor's or master's degree for two years.
  2. 2-Scientific cooperation for 2018-2019 aimed at universities wishing to enter into an educational partnership to exchange experiences with the other member universities of the Agency.
  3. 3-The development of training and research scholarship, which can benefit professors and researchers who wish to upgrade their academic levels 2018

The areas include also four other programs (which can be submitted during 2018) and presented by the Middle East Department:

  1. 1-Supporting the research and evaluation by providing expertise and auditing in accordance with the needs of willing universities.
  2. 2-Supporting the issuance of books and publications in French.
  3. 3-Supporting the organization of seminars in French.
  4. 4-Supporting the participation of professors, researchers, Francophone academics and post-doctoral students in seminars and workshops which are held in French in the Middle East.

To learn how to apply through: here

The deadline for submission is 31 March 2018

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