Collaborative Awards in Science

Collaborative Awards promote the development of new ideas and speed the pace of discovery. We fund teams of researchers, consisting of independent research groups,

to work together on the most important scientific problems that can only be solved through collaborative efforts.

Who can apply:
Collaborative Awards are for teams of researchers bringing together the relevant expertise and experience to address the most important scientific problems
Each applicant must be essential to the proposed collaborative research and have:
Proven research expertise and experience in their field.
An academic or research post (or equivalent)
A salary for the duration of the award period. If this is not in place, your employing organization must provide a guarantee of salary support for the duration of the award.
Level of funding: Up to £4 million
Duration of funding: Up to 5 years

The areas of research are:
Cell and Developmental Biology - Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience - Cognitive Neuroscience and Mental Health - Genetics, Genomics and Population Research - Immune System in Health and Disease - Molecular Basis of Cell Function - Pathogen Biology and Disease Transmission - Physiology in Health and Disease - Population and Public Health

Deadline: 5pm, 20 August 2018 (Preliminary Application)

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