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4th Removable prosthodontics Department conference

4th Removable prosthodontics Department conference Faculty of Dentistry Mansoura University in Collaboration with Egyptian Association of Prosthetic and Restorative Dentistry
"From Conventional To Digital Restorative Dentistry"
Will be hold at 25 – 27 October 2017, on Faculty of Dentistry Mansoura University new Building (Building C)
Conference President Prof. Salah Hegazy
Conference General Secretary Dr. Nesreen El Mekawy

Calls for Jobs at the TICO office

The TICO office, at the Central Library, announces the need for staff to work in the office.

The applicant must have proficiency in English and computer, and the applicant should be well-behaved and have previous experience in preparing reports, checking files and also good experience in secretarial work.

The submission begins from August 24, 2017 to August 30, 2017.

Required Documents:
• Biography.
• Academic certificates.

To inquire:
Dr. Ahmad Fekri - Director of the TICO Office at the Central Library
Tele: 01069221119

The Mansoura Children's University Conference

Mansoura University is organizing the 1st conference of Children's University entitled

"A generation capable of managing the future" on Monday, August 21, 2017 at the conference hall of Prof. Mahdi Basassi - the Children's Hospital - Mansoura University
Under the patronage of Prof. Mohamed El-Kenawy - President of the University, Prof. Mahmoud Saqr - Head of the Academy of Scientific Research and, Prof. Ashraf Swailam - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research

The conference is organized under the protocol of cooperation between the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and Mansoura University for the Children's University project.

The aim of the conference is to provide the children with the opportunity to express their issues and problems by launching their potential to evaluate these problems with scientific research and with an attempt to provide the best solutions to them. This is an attempt to empower the children and encourage them to play an active role in changing and managing the future

The conference will be held in several fields: education, media, technology, behavior
During the conference, children will discuss four topics: pre-university education, children and the media, technology and its impact on children, aggressive behavior of children

For more details and registration please click here:

Inauguration the 3rd Educational Exhibition at Mansoura University

On the 6th of August, 2017, the third annual educational exhibition for distinguished programs was held at Mansoura University in 

El-Mahdy El-Basousy Hall at the Children's Hospital of Mansoura University in the presence of Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basset-Vice President of Mansoura University for Education and Students Affairs, Prof. Ashraf Sweilem-Vice President of Mansoura University for Graduate Studies and Research and Prof. El-Sheraly El-Sherbini - former Minister of Education and Vice-President of Mansoura University for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Ahmed El-Refaie-Director of the University Children's Hospital and number of the Student Communication Committee at Mansoura University under the chairmanship of Dr. Ahmed Anwar- Director of Communication Committee of student as well as number of deans of faculties of Mansoura University.

The exhibition will review the special programs offered by Mansoura University colleges as well as introduce new students. Also, an explanatory video of the quality programs of the study was presented in all faculties of the university, with its advantages to the graduates

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Start Cashing the Scientific Publishing Awards for 2015

The President of the University agreed to grant the staff members and their assistants at Mansoura University

who are the applicants for research grants for the scientific incentives for the year 2015. In order to stimulate further efforts, which contributes to raising the classification of Mansoura University locally and internationally.

The winners of the award must follow up with the office of Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and follow up the Account units of the college to extract the checks due.

Complaints will be accepted within 15 days of the announcement and by end on 6/8/2017.

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