The Scientific cooperation between Mansoura University and Aberdeen University, UK

Prof. Ashraf Sewailm - Vice President of Higher Studies and Research, visited the University of Aberdeen at the United Kingdom

 to discuss the scientific and research cooperation, especially at pharmacy and drug discovery.
Prof. Jeremy Kilburn - First Vice President of Aberdeen University, Prof. John Patterson - Vice President of the University of Aberdeen for International Cooperation, Prof. Janskackel - President of Natural and Computer Sciences School, and Prof. Marcel Gasparis - Head of Chemistry Department, received Prof. Ashraf Sewailm at the University of Aberdeen.
The visiting was coordinated by Dr. Wael Hussein, assistant professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and member of the scientific mission at the University of Aberdeen, in cooperation with the Office of International Relations at Mansoura University, to activate the important role of the Mansoura University students abroad in transferring knowledge and experience from international universities especially at Bio-discovery drugs and biological sciences.
Prof. Sewailam explained that the importance of this visit to cooperate the programs for post-graduate studies at biological sciences and drug discovery, which that was welcomed by representatives of the University of Aberdeen.
Mohamed El-Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, emphasized on the importance of international cooperation with international universities and specialized centers to enhance the scientific and research capabilities at Mansoura University for graduates and post-graduates.

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