The World Prize of Tunis for Islamic Studies

The Ministry of Religious Affairs announces the opening of the application for the World Prize of Tunis for Islamic Studies

at its tenth session (1438 H / 2017) as from 1 April 2017 till 30 September 2017 according to the following objectives:
* Honoring the scientific figures as well as the cultural, scientific or academic influential the in the movement of contemporary Islamic cultural.
* Contribute to the dissemination of the values of religious moderation and treatment the phenomena of extremism and extremism
* To contribute to spreading the values of tolerance, coexistence and dialogue among civilizations, religions and peoples
* To highlight the ability of Islamic thought to face intellectual challenges and answer all the issues that have been developed
* Encouraging scientific research in the fields of Islamic studies, adopting and renewed Islamic
Qualification Criteria
1. The research must be written in Arabic, French or English.
2. Must be published during the two years preceding the year of award the prize,
3. Must be an average volume, between a minimum of two hundred-and fifty pages (250 pages) or 50,000 words, written In Arabic or in one of the International languages In the field Indicated,
4. No accept any academic work as a university thesis or a manuscript or other award.
5. Does not accept any work is participating in the another world award under the year of awarding for the World Prize of Tunis for Islamic Studies
6. The prize-winning candidate may only participate after five years
7. Candidates jointly competing for the World Prize of Tunis for Islamic Studies must attach the application a co-signed agreement setting the share of each of them in case they win the prize.
8. The research is presented in (15) copies.
9. Attach the request for participation CV of the candidate with a summary of the book candidate not exceeding five pages in Arabic.
10. The prize consists of a certificate of merit, shield bearing the logo of the prize and a financial reward of thirty thousand (30.000) Dinars.

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