Workshop on "Technological Innovation and Management for Sustainable Development (For Greener, Safer & Smarter World)"

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology announces the International Workshop on

Technological Innovation and Management for Sustainable Development (for a greener, safer and smarter world) during 27-29 March 2018 in India presented by the Center for Science and Technology of Non-Aligned Countries in cooperation with ITM University Madhya Pradesh, India

The workshop aims to:

-- To discuss the current perspectives of sustainable development in developed and

developing economies.

--To provide a platform to technocrats, experts and academicians from different countries for presenting their innovative and constructive ideas at international level.

-- To conserve and enhance resource base with the help of green, smart and safe materials.

-- To create innovative technologies and reorienting existing technologies for sustainable development and discuss future solutions for designing of green, smart and safer environment.

-- To formulate a holistic approach in decision making on basis of environment, economies and technology options.

-- To generate research and disseminate knowledge about sustainable development

The deadline for submission is 15 February 2018

For more details follow: 

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