Call for membership of the National Committees

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology calls for membership of national committees.

The national committees are working to collect the elite scientists in each scientific specialization, where the national committees communicate with the international federations corresponding to the specialization of the Committee. The activities of the International Federation are working to attract the agenda of the Federation's activities to Egypt.

The national committees organize scientific conferences, seminars, workshops, local, regional and international in the field of specialization, publish all what is new about specialization in the Egyptian scientific community, and cooperate with the academic research formations in the preparation of specialized technical studies as well as providing technical advice in the field of specialization.

The national committees consist of 15 professors, experts from universities, research centers and scientific specialized in the field of the committee's work. The representation of young people (younger than 40 years) in the membership of the committee should not be less than 25% National institutions or non-governmental institutions associated with the specialization.

The deadline for registration shall be on Saturday, 11/8/2018.


-- To take into consideration the progress of the membership of only one of the committees declared, and will cancel any registration after the first registration.

-- The Academy takes into account the committees have all branches of specialization for each committee (all special disciplines)

-- In the case of equal grades with the other, The Academy takes into account females and representation of young people and the geographical distribution of the representation of all governorates of the Republic.

-- The data can be modified for the applicant until the end date of registration.

-- To apply for membership of committees, please complete the form :click here 

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