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Call for a training course entitled "Methods of quantitative analysis"

The Sector of Post-graduate Studies and Research invites members of faculty, researchers and students of all universities to attend a training course

organized by the Statistical Consultations Unit at the University Development center entitled "Methods of quantitative analysis ". The course aims at training on the basics of quantitative analysis using statistical program "Stata".

Prof. Hani Abdullatif, Professor at the University of Swansea, England, will lecture on July 1,2,3 at 12 pm.

For inquiries and reservations please contact: 01001780288

Call for "Postdoctoral Researchers’ Networking Tour"

This year DAAD offers a “Postdoctoral Researchers’ Networking Tour” for postdocs working related to

 AI, The Internet of Things, Cyber-physical Systems and the Future of Manufacturing (“Industry 4.0”) who are interested in job opportunities in Germany (academic and non-academic).

The funding includes:

•a practice orientated and diverse programme to suit the requirements of the participants

•coverage of programme related costs in Germany (accommodation, domestic travel, most meals)

•a lump sum travel allowance if such costs are not borne by a third party. This will also be provided if the stay is extended by up to five working days in order to allow for additional professional networking.

Dates of the tour: 22.09.2019 – 28.09.2019

Deadline for application: July 29, 2019

Detailed information is available at:

International Fellowship Program (IFP)

As part of the cooperation of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology with the International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology,

the Academy announces that the Center, in cooperation with the Department of International Cooperation of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, announce the International Fellowship Program (IFP)

The program is a new initiative of the Center to support young scientists and researchers from the member countries of the Center, especially from the countries of Asia and Africa, and aims to provide researchers with the opportunity to learn about the newest scientific developments and cooperate with research centers and institutes in China.

The program includes the following points:

The duration of the grant is from 6 to 12 months, during which the researcher receives a monthly amount of RMB 500 (equivalent to US $ 2,000) to cover living expenses in China.

The candidate must have a doctorate degree and will be given priority to those who have post-doctoral studies and research papers.

Deadline for submission of nominations electronically 30 September 2019

Note that the Academy will not bear any expenses

For more details please log on /

To fill in the registration form please log on

For a list of participating Chinese institutes, please log in

Call for the first summer training course in renewable energy for 2019

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology announces that as of today, the first summer training course in renewable energy,

which will start in July 2019 at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. This is according to cooperation agreement between the Academy and the Italian side.

The Academy invites young Egyptian researchers, Ph.D. students, masters and young researchers in the field of renewable energy who wish to apply and fill out the application form through this link:

Please send the form to this email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The seminar will be lectured by scientists and experts from Egypt and Italy, and the subscription is free. The deadline for submission is June 24, 2019. The Academy will provide students with admission fees to the training sites outside Cairo.

Workshop on "Modern Trends in Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology"

The Academy of Scientific Research announces a workshop entitled "Modern Trends in Advanced Materials Science and Nanotechnology"

on Saturday, 22 June 2019 at the conference hall - Academy of Scientific Research and Technology organized by the National Commission for New and Advanced Materials Technology.

The workshop will review a very important topic, namely the role of new materials in the areas of national strategy of the state in the light of the strategy of higher education and scientific research 2030. The National Committee for New and Advanced Materials Technology aims to take advantage of this workshop to start preparing 2 databases for faculty members and researchers working in research scientific materials for new and advanced materials in different universities and research centers, each of which covers all workers in the field of new materials and their differentiated specialties. Second it will include all equipment for new materials in universities and centers Egyptian to maximize the use of these devices for employees in this area, companies, factories, and others. The committee also aims to establish alliances and ideas among the operators in the field of new and advanced materials from different universities, research centers and factories, which achieves

You can register to attend the seminar through this link:

To view the objectives of the symposium and the expected outputs through this file

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