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A cooperation protocol between Mansoura University and Connecticut University- United States

On Saturday 31st December 2016, prof/ Mohamed Kenawy- president of Mansoura university, and prof/ Ashraf Sweilam, vice- president for graduate studies and research affairs, received prof/ Reda Amar- professor of Engineering and Computer Science- officer of international relationships in middle east "Uconn.".
To discuss the possibility of conducting scientific and research agreements, and engineering grants between the two universities.
It's well known that the Connecticut University, is in the 19th international rank for its applicable and industrial excellence.
Its worth to mention that the international agreements comes to match with Mansoura University's strategy to achieve excellence in all fields.

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ENS scholarships

École Normale Supérieure(ENS) grants Master scholarships for international students in science and Arts & Humanities.

Eligibility criteria

  Candidates must not be after their 26th birthday on December 1st.
  Candidates must not have applied to the International Selection before.
  Candidates must not have lived in France more than 10 months during the academic year of the selection (September 1st – August 31st) nor the previous year.
  Candidates must justify at least one year of undergraduate studies awarded by a foreign university during the calendar year preceding the start of applications.
  Candidates justify at least two years of undergraduate studies in a foreign university, on the 1st of September following admission.
The deadline for these scholarships is 1 February 2017

For more information, follow the link

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International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies (ICELET2017)

International Conference on E-Learning and E-Technologies (ICELET2017) that will be held at 2-6 Feb. 2017 in Dubai. The event will be held over five days, with presentations delivered by researchers from the international community, including presentations from keynote speakers and state-of-the-art lectures..
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Alstodiom research grants provided by the French Institute (French Embassy)

The LE STUDIUM RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP is designed to attract internationally competitive researchers for at least one year. An average of twelve awards are available in this campaign. Experienced international researchers are eligible to submit an application after having negotiated their acceptance to a host laboratory and/or host enterprise..More


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continuous dental education unit workshops

After finishing sharing in our faculty conference we want to continue our workshops with the following interesting topics
1. Rotary endodontics
2. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth
3. Implant supported fixed prosthesis
4. Implant supported overdentures
5. Suturing techniques
6. Surgical mangement of impacted wisdom
7.Surgical mangement of impacted canine
8. All ceramic fixed restorations
9. Laminate veneers
9. Posterior composite restoration
10. Class 4 anterior restorations
11. Magnification in dental field
12. Cad cam in lab and dental office
13. Cone beam application in dentistry
14. Laser application in dentistry
15. Infection control in dental office
Your opinion is very important to us
Would you please choose one or more of the previous topic or suggest other topic in order to help us to prepare the workshops relative to the priority of the group members 

dr / Mohamed Hamed Ghazy

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