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Dr. Mohamad Salama new director of MERC

Prof. Dr. Mohamad Elkenawy, head of Mansoura University, met Dr. Mohamad Salama, the new director of Medical Experimental Research Center (MERC). Dr. Salama, lecturer of medical toxicology, has many international publications in prestigious journals in area of stem cell research. This comes as a part of Mansoura University interest in young minds to take experimental research to next levels. Dr. Elkenawy also thanked Dr. Mohamad Sobh, former director and founder of MERC, for his efforts to the center and the achievements accomplished by its staff members.

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The head of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize scientific committee said: “After five months since the call for the second round of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize, members of expert committees have started evaluating the works to select their nominees in four different categories of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize and present their result to the secretariat.

According to the MSTF Media, Hassan Zohoor said the selection process for the second round of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize has started in four expert committees for life and medical science and technology, information and communication science and technology, nanoscience and nanotechnology, and all other areas of science and technology.

“This April, the call for the second round of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize was initiated within the Islamic world where 700 scientists, 200 accredited scientific institutions, and all universities of Iran were invited to propose their nominees to the secretariat in the fields pertinent to the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize,” Zohoor said.

Asked about the selection process, he added: “At first, the committees start screening the works received by the secretariat and propose the list of selected works to final Jury Committees. Following this, the final proposal will be submitted to the secretariat and finally the works receiving the highest votes from the Jury committees are announced as laureates of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize.

It is worth noting that the award ceremony for the second round of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize will be held in Tehran in December, 2017, concurrent with the the birthday of the Holy Prophet of Islam(pbuh), where laureates will receive the prize in the fields of life and medical science and technology, information and communication science and technology, nanoscience and nanotechnology, and all other areas of science and technology.

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ASRT fund for graduation projects

The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) announces the call for funding graduation projects for the academic year 2016/2017. The fund, which ranges from 15,000 to 75,000 LE, aims at funding projects in science, engineering, energy, water resources, electronics and green technology. Dr. Ashraf Elshihy, minister of higher education and scientific research, stated that the number of winning projects is doubled for this year. This comes as a part of Egypt’s plan to encourage innovation and support young researchers. The deadline for application is 11 December 2016. For further details, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Mansoura University Annual Book Fair

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Elkenawy, president of Mansoura University, opened the annual Book Fair, which takes place from 20th to 30th November, 2016. The opening ceremony was also attended by Prof. Dr. Ashraf Swilam and Prof. Dr. Zaki Zidan, vice presidents of the university. The fair, held in the central library, hosts 86 publishing houses with publications in all fields. A number of seminars take place as part of the fair, addressing topics including e-marketing, dangers of obesity and history of Dakahlia

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Newton- Mosharafa Grants Program for the Third Year 2016/2017

Prof. Dr. Mohamed ElKenawy, President of Mansoura University, signed a cooperation agreement in the medical fields with Ternopil State Medical University (TSMU) from Ukraine.

TSMU Тернопільський державний медичний університет імені І. Я. Горбачевського delegation, Dr. Dmytro Korobko Дмитрий Коробко (Dean of Pharmaceutical Faculty of TSMU) on behalf of Prof. Mykhaylo Korda (Rector of TSMU) and Dr. Liliya Logoyda (Vice-Dean Pharmaceutical Faculty of TSMU), visited Mansoura University to complete the singing of the cooperation agreement with Mansoura University.

In the presence of:
- Prof. Dr. Ashraf AbdelBaset (Vice-President of Mansoura University for Education and Students Affairs),
- Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sewelam (Vice-President of Mansoura University for Graduate Studies and Research),
- Prof. Dr. Zaki Zidan (Vice-President of Mansoura University for Community Service and Environment Development),
- Prof. Dr. ElSaid AbdelHady (Dean of MU Faculty of Medicine),
- Prof. Dr. Nahed ElAnany (Dean of MU Faculty of Pharmacy),
- Prof. Dr-Amina El-Nemer (Dean of MU Faculty of Nursing),
- Prof. Dr. Hussein I. El-Subbagh (Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in MU Faculty of Pharmacy, D.Sc.),
- Prof. Dr. Mohammed Sallah (Professor of Physics, Director of Mansoura University International Relations Office),
- Dr. Mohamed ElSergany (Member of Mansoura University International Relations Office).

This cooperation comes in the context of Egypt's interest to extend the cooperation bonds with the Ukrainian Universities. Therefore, Mansoura University took the initiative and signed the agreement with Ternopil State Medical University from Ukraine to activate the collaboration to between researchers and staff on both sides in the different medical disciplines (Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing) as well as the exchange of staff and students on the different basis of education, academic and research.

TSMU represents the first medical university in Ukraine, which has also many foreign students from either the Arabian region or other to get various scientific degrees.

Prof. Mohamed ElKenawy أ.د/ محمد حسن القناوى _ رئيس جامعة المنصورة assured to activate the agreement and initiate fruitful collaboration in the future between Medical sector in Mansoura University and Ternopil State Medical University, Ukraine.

The delegation visited some facilities in Mansoura University "Official", namely, Faculty of Pharmacy MU, Ophthalmology Center, Gastroenterology Surgical Center, Urology and Nephrology Center Mansoura "Official", and Faculty of Nursing.

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