MIDC3  is being held at Mansoura University Hotel (Ramada Hotel) an elegant 4 stars hotel which provides guests with warm welcome and an exceptional level of service. This hotel was built in 2006 and opened at 2007 .It is a hotel which is synonymous with style and elegance .There are also a variety of other hotels within the immediate locality Mansoura University is located next door to the hotel.


     Mansoura university, Obtained advanced positions in international rankings of universities this year "2019", that as stated in the new classification of The Times rating was published on Wednesday, April 3 2019, where the The University of Mansoura University ranked 201-300.     

It was established in 1972, located in the heart of Egyptian delta in one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt. It has contributed much to the cultural and scientific life in Mansoura and Egypt as it has the biggest medical centers in Egypt and Middle East which hosted a lot of leaders and important personnel from all over the world.

    It has more than 27 colleges, 9 medical centers one of them is the Mohamed Ghonnem urology and nephrology center which is considered to be the best kidney center in the Middle East and Africa .Inside the university is the dental faculty which is our target.


   Faculty of Dentistry was established on 1973 at the Royal club building, it was for the Egyptian king and his family, and it was built in 1939. The study started at the college at 1978 and for the high numbers of students the college expanded its building all over the years to include more than 2000 students per year.


   Recently in 2010 a new building was established in new place near to the old one inside the university too. At 2012 this new faculty is now open and work started on it with all the new technologies in all field of dentistry, and today I can say that our faculty is one of the best dental faculty all over Egypt universities.


      Mansoura the victorious city is an illuminated city. It is the capital of Egypt Delta on the banks of the river Nile, the almost constant presence of sunshine and the River tragus transforms the city into a mirror of thousand colours-highlighting the city’s unique architecture and beauty. 

     Mansoura in Arabic means “victorious”. The city was named after the Egyptian victory over Louis IX of France during the seventh crusade .It lies on the east bank of Damietta branch of the Nile, in the Delta region it is known as the Queen of the Delta. 

    The city has an entirely European aspect, with modern building in Western style in addition to many mosques of little architectural interest. It is a market and processing center for the agricultural produce of the Delta, with several large cotton factories, and also has metal working industries.

    There are so many things to see and do in Mansoura that visitors have access to a wide array of different experiences. As we walk through Mansoura, whose history spans back thousands of years we find a small house near the Mosque of El-Muwafiq which is said to be Louis IX’s prison, and a spot near the point where the Bahr el-Sughayar branches off the Nile is reputed to the site of the Crusaders’s camp. 

     Mansoura was established in 1219 by Saladin’s nephew, Abu-Bakr Malik ibn al-Adil. After the Egyptians defeated the crusaders during the seventh crusada, it was named Mansoura “the victorious". Over the centuries Mansoura naturally grew and changed. 

     Mansoura is famous for its architectural style, especially the Shinnawi Palace ( after Mohamed Bek El-Shinnawi, a member of the Wafd Party ).It was built by an Italian architect in 1928 .The mosque of El-Saleh Ayoub El-Kebir is one of the most important in Mansoura . It was built by a loyal servant of Sultan and is located in Al-Sagha Street that seperates “old Mansoura” from the modern city. 

   Like Alexandria and Port Said, Mansoura was home to a flourishing Greek community until the Nasser era, when many were forced to leave. Many of the older and best established shops and business around the city still bear their original Greek names. El-Mashayia is the city’s traditional shopping district which run along the Nile River given this district a special romantic and warm feeling.

    Visitors can stroll around the streets and find dozens of shops offering a wide range of temptations. El-Gezira club is a lovely dynamic and multipurpose space. It is the place where the city’s inhabitants have fun, enjoy walking, play sports and live inquality and harmony.

    El-Gezira Park (park of nations) is a large garden for public enjoyment that has joined the city and the river. It has also taken advantage, perfectly; of a vast river front area with a magnificent view overlooking the opposite bank of the river. The city has a train station, located in the center of the city with enjoyable shopping centers nearby and an extensive complex that combines culture, homes and businesses.


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