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The Moodle system for active E-learning

The E-learning unit invites the staff members to use the Moodle, an E-learning system, for uploading different educational materials such as videos, presentations, texts and exams. The Moodle also is an excellent means of communication between staff and students through forums. Attendance and exams results would also be available on the system.

For interested staff members, please submit data on the following link:

 If you have any questions, please contact:
Mob. : 01021205834
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Two days basic endodontic course

Paving the way for successful root canal treatment
Two days basic endodontic course
The course is designed to help the dentist to understand the fundamentals of access cavity preparation, achieving an efficient glide path of the root canal, and different protocols of the rotary instrumentation root canal and root canal filling.
Course content:
1)Lectures include guidelines for correct access cavity preparation and detection of hidden anatomy, basic rules for rotary instrumentation, and how to achieve three-dimensional root canal obturation.
2)Live demo and hands-on access cavity preparation on molars, rotary instrumentation of the root canal system, and root canal filling using continuous wave condensation technique
All the lectures and hands-on will be instructed and supervised by Dr.Mohammad Osama the assistant professor of Endodontics and Dr Tarek Abd El Wahab assistant lecturer of Endodontics in Mansoura University.

Reservation with Mr Mohamed Arafat Tel 01063036369 

Mansoura University participates in the first conference of Children's University

Mansoura University participated in the first national conference of the Children's University. The conference was inaugurated by Dr. Tarek Shawki, Minister of Education,

organized by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology at Al-Azhar Conference Center under the patronage of President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi. The conference is part of the president's initiative towards a society that learns, thinks, and innovates. The conference was attended by Dr. Amr Gabr – lecture at the Faculty of Agriculture - Mansoura University.

Dr. Tarek Shawki expressed his pride and gratitude for the great success achieved by the program of Children's University for three years since its launch in 2015 with the participation of 34 Egyptian universities, governmental and private, in various governorates. These programs Spreads the culture of science, technology and innovation, supporting innovators and innovators, and discovering them in their early ages.


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