Paris University delegation visits Mansoura University Hospitals

Prof. Mohammed El-Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, received a delegation of Paris University to discuss the cooperation between two universities. The delegation includes Prof.

Gilles Brucker- Professor of Public Health and the director of the hospitals at the University of Paris, Dr. Martin Levine - the assistant director of the hospitals at the University of Paris and Ms. Ellen Herve – the nursing official at the hospitals of Paris University
In the presence of Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basset - Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Ashraf Sweilem - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Farha El- Shenawi, former Vice President of the University, Prof. Said Abdul Hadi - Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Amina El-Nimer - Dean of the College of Nursing, Prof. Mohamed Mounir - the Medical Advisor of the President, and Prof. Mohamed Salah - International Relations Office official
After the meeting, the delegation visited some centers and hospitals including: Stem Cell and the umbilical cord Center, kidney surgery center, urology center and Children University Hospital. 

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