The Chairman of the Education Committee at House of Representatives visits Mansoura University

Prof. Mohammed El- Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, received Prof. Dr. Gamal Shiha - the Chairman of the Education Committee, the House of Representatives

to discuss the ways of cooperation between the Committee on Education and the University of Mansoura in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ashraf Sweilem - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research. The meeting was disused the ways to support the education committee of the university specially in health care under the auspices of the Ministry of International Cooperation and by helping to fund some academic departments that lead medical services, health care and critical such as Emergency and Neurosurgery departments.
They also discussed how to take advantage of the expertise of various medical staff at the Faculty of Medicine to assist in the rehabilitation and operation of some of the Ministry of Health hospitals after attribution of NGOs. Dr. Gamal Shiha has promised further cooperation between the Commission at the House of Representatives Education and the University of Mansoura in several projects in the next stage. 

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