A cooperation agreement in Nursing with the University of Piteşti, Romania

Prof. Mohamed El-Kenawy - President of Mansoura University, signed a cooperation agreement with Prof. Dumitru CHIRLEŞAN - President of the University of Piteşti, Romania,

Prof. Georgetta Kirlshan - Professor of Nuclear Physics and Assistant President of the University of Piteşti. In the presence of Prof, Asharf Sewilm -Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Zaki Zidane - Vice President of the University for Environment Development and Community Service, Prof.Azza Ismail-Dean of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Amina Al-Nemer - Dean of Faculty of Nursing and Prof. Mohamed Salah - Director of the International Relations office and coordinator of cooperation with the Romanian.

Mansoura University has started the procedures of establishing two joint Master's degrees, one in the specialty of nuclear materials and its applications and the other in the engineering of cars for sustainable movement.

This agreement was signed in the field of nursing for joint training and educational programs that can be exchanged by both sides, exchange of experiences among professors and exchange of students to maximize the benefit of the agreements.

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