Inauguration the first conference of Mansoura Children's University

The first conference of Mansoura Children's University was inaugurated under the auspices of Prof. Mohamed El-Kenawy, President of the University,

 Prof. Mahmoud Sakr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research. In the presence of Prof. Ashraf Swailam, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Hilaly El Sherbini, former Minister of Education, Prof. Magda Nasr, Member of the Parliament and the former of Vice-President of postgraduate studies and Research, Prof. Asmaa Abdel Moneim Mostafa, Dean of Mansoura Education, Prof. Wafa El Bahai, Vice Dean for postgraduate studies and Research at Medicine faculty, prof. Ahmed El Refaie, Director of Children's Hospital and Dr. Amr Gabr, the coordinator of the Children's University Project at Mansoura University
The conference is organized under the protocol of cooperation between the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology and Mansoura University for the Children's University project.
The aim of the conference is to provide the children with the opportunity to express their issues and problems by launching their potential to evaluate these problems with scientific research and with an attempt to provide the best solutions to them. This is an attempt to empower the children and encourage them to play an active role in changing and managing the future.

The conference will be held in several fields: education, media, technology, behavior.
During the conference, children discussed four topics: pre-university education, children and the media, technology and its impact on children, aggressive behavior of children

The 2nd session:
Mohamed Reda, Professor of Educational Media, Faculty of Qualitative Education on the pros and cons of the media for children, Interview with students

In the 3rd session:
Prof. Wafa Al Bahai, Vice Dean for postgraduate studies and Research at faculty of Medicine, discussed the problems of addiction, the means of modern technology, the role of families, and the presentation of the problems of lack of programs for children in private satellite channels.

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