Rubber dam isolation and demystifying the secrets of anterior resin composite stratification workshop

The contentious dental education unit organizing a new full day workshop next month.
Title: Rubber dam isolation and demystifying the secrets of anterior resin composite stratification.
Prof: Salah Eldanaf
Prof& Chairman of operative Dentistry
Dr. Ashraf Ibrahim
Ass. Prof of Operative Dentistry Department
The course includes 2 lectures covering the following points
1. Selecting the appropriate type of resin composite from the wide rang of products in the market
2. Clinical guide for composite shade selection
3. Cavity preparation design that enhance the durability
4. Matching of class IV
5. A simple guide for rubber dam isolation
6. Solving the mystery of adhesion
7. Striking the balance between layer shades to mimic nature
8. Add life to your restoration by the simplest way of polishing
9. Managment of post operative sensitivity
Cavity preparation
Rubber base index
Composite insertion
Finishing and polishing
Each attendee will perform a case including the whole procedures executed in the demonstration over a special model
Venue: Faculty of dentistry new building
Fees: 800 EP
Date: Wednesday September 20, 2017
If yo are interested in that please write a comment for this post, then reserve your seat with Mr Mohamed Arafat Tel 01063036369
Thank you 

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