The 1st project to treat children from the Hepatitis C at Children's Hospital

Prof. Mohamed El-Kenawy, President of Mansoura University, and Prof. Ashraf Sweilem, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research,

inspected the development of clinics, units and sections at the University Children's Hospital

During the visit, they were received by Dr. Ahmed Al-Refai, Director of the hospital, and Dr. Mohammed Al-Asami, Deputy Director of the hospital. They visited the development and modernization of outpatient clinics, magnetic resonance unit, gastrointestinal unit and liver, surgery department

Dr. Mohamed Ezz El-Ghamal, Head of the Gastroenterology Unit, presented the first project to treat children from Hepatitis C and how to provide free treatment for children. The project will start with 50 cases in the first stage.

Dr. Zahraa Mutawa, the therapeutic nutrition for children in the hospital, also presented the development of a children's diet according to the situation of each child

Dr. Ahmed Rifai presented the most important developments and modernization in the medical system and the development of services of units and sections. He pointed out that the hospital not only provides services to Dakahlia, but extends its services to the provinces of the delta.

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