Ranking of the Egyptian universities in the Dutch Leiden ranking 2019

Dr. Khaled abd elghafar- The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, reported the results of the Dutch Leiden classification, which witnessed the presence of 5 Egyptian universities out of 963 international universities.

The Egyptian universities continue to strive to progress and improve the educational level in the largest number of international classifications.

The report pointed to the presence of five Egyptian universities in the global classification, which includes 963 international universities, of the total of about 30 thousand universities around the world.

According to the report, the top five Egyptian universities have a distinguished publication during the period 2014-2017, in the top 10% of the international journals. Of the 963 universities, Cairo University ranked 341 worldwide, after publishing 194 papers, Ain Shams University ranked 582 in the world after publishing 105 papers, And the University of Mansoura ranked 681 globally, after publishing 97 research, The University of Alexandria ranked seventh in the world after publishing 91 papers. Zagazig University ranked 8th in the world after publishing 72 papers.

The report added that the top five Egyptian universities have a distinguished publication in partnership with the industry, during the period 2014-2017, Cairo University published 217 research, Ain Shams University published 142 research papers, the University of Alexandria published 104 research papers, and Mansoura University published 68 research and Zagazig University published 39 searches.

Ain Shams University published 3248 papers, the University of Alexandria published 2759 researches, the University of Mansoura published 2702 papers, and the University of Zagazig published 1779 Search.

The classification of CWTS Leiden is based on its assessment of research published in the form of a scientific or reference article in the Web of Science database, which runs the knowledge of the US publication Clarivate Analytics published in the top 1%, 5%, 10%, and 50% of the global journals. The classification does not rely on books, conference booklets and research articles published in non-indexed journals in the Web of Science database. The classification also uses a set of bibliometric indicators that provide university-level statistics on the scientific impact, collaboration and dissemination of open access and gender diversity. Finally, the sciences included classification of health and biomedical sciences, life and earth sciences, mathematics and computer sciences, basic sciences and engineering, social sciences and humanities.

It should be noted that the Committee of Assisting Egyptian Universities in Improving the International Classification of the Problem under the chairmanship of the Deputy Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research by a decision of the Supreme Council of Universities in 2017 and includes representatives of all Egyptian public and private universities and research centers in two working groups attended an intensive training course on university classification indicators And bibliometric standards at the Center for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS), one of the largest specialized centers of the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, 2017 and 2018, for the identification and compilation of data sources and the method of calculating citations from research published in databases For global content and quality of data, and training on the Monitor program analysis Citations CWTS Center. The training dealt with how to prepare university files that will advance the evaluation institutions and develop the skills of the representatives of these universities.

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