Developing the scientific research system at Mansoura University

Prof. Ashraf Hafez, Vice President for Graduate Studies, visited TICO offices at the Mansoura University, and was welcomed by Prof. Azza Ismail supervisor of the TICO offices

He said during his visit that the university is in the process of implementing a specific plan to develop the scientific research system at the university and pointed out that there will be a system to apply for funding for research projects from outside the university before being approved, the project is studied by the university as a second party where they will study the required equipment, what is available at the university and who of the faculty members and reserachers have the highest H-index.

He stressed that those who receive funding for research projects from outside the university or from within the university will be met annually to provide an annual report on what has been achieved during the year so as to introduce them and follow-up to conduct research projects.

During the visit, he visited the Grant Office, the Technology Transfer and Marketing Office and the Patent Office.

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