Accepted Applicants in the DAAD workshops

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) announces the accepted applicants in the free workshops which aims at increasing the managerial skills that are related to administrative employees 

under the auspices of Prof. Ashraf Abdel Basit and Prof. Ashraf Hafez Vice President for Post Graduate Studies and research, under the supervision of Prof. Sahar Abdel Rahman, Ambassador of the German Association for Scientific Exchange (DAAD) at the university.

First: On Wednesday, 18/9/2019, a workshop entitled "Project Management" by Dr. Mona El Tobgy:

Ahmed El-Hoseny Abd El-Hamid Hassan

Mohamed El Sayed Mohamed El-Shahawy

Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Selim

Moheb Shehata Abd El-Malak Awad

Ahmed Mohamed Fathy Abd El-Halim

Mona Fikry Abd El-Ghany Zeiada

Ahmed Mosaad Abd El-Fattah Ebrahium

Nagwa Ebrahium Mohamed El-Othmaly

Al-Shimaa El-Kheder Ebrahium El-Gazar

Nashwa Abd El-Wahab Moemen

Amany Sobhy El-Hasanin Embaby

Norhan Ahmed Ahmed El Sayed

Asmaa Abo-Zaid Mohamed Abo-Zaid

Rasha Mohamed Reda Azazy

El Sayed Sayed Ahmed Ebrahium Sayed Ahmed

Sahar Sayed Youssef Kheder

Eman Mosaaad Abd El-Fattah Abo El-Naga

Sally Magdy Abd Allah Mahmoud

Esraa Okasha Hamoda Okasha

Sherin Mohamed Salah El-Deen Mahmoud El- Hadary

Hadeer Abd El-Aty Ebrahium Abd El-Aty

Soha El Sayed Abd El-Aziz El Bahnasawy

Heba Moustafa Abd El-Hady Ebrahium Gomaa

Tamer Osama El Bady El Tokhy

Mai Abd El-Kader Mohamed El-Deeb

Walid Mohamed Ali Ismail

Manal Mohamed Youssef Ali Yassen

Mohamed Asad Abo El-Fettoh



Second: On Tuesday, 17/9/2019, a workshop entitled "Methods of Solving Problems and Stimulating Teamwork" by Dr. Mohamed Fathy

Ahmed El Hoseny Abd El Hamid Hassan

Ahmed Hassan Mohamed Selim

Amany Sobhy El-Hasanin Imbaby

Mohamed Magdy Shabaan Abaza

Ashraf Mohsen Abd El-Fattah Ebrahium

Nashwa Abd El-Wahab Momen

Dina Moustafa Saad Abo-Youssef

Rasha Ali Abbas

Ehab Mohamed Mohamed Tawfik

Sahar Abd EL salam Metwally El-gazar

El-Shimaa El-Kheder Ebrahium El-Gazar

Sahar Sayed Youssef Kheder

Eman mosaad Abd El-Fattah Abo El naga

Sahar Shabaan Bedeer Wasel

Enas Ismail Saad El-Din Abd El-Khalik

Sally Magdy Abdullah Mahmoud

Fatmah ElZahraa Osama Abdo El Emam

Salma Moustafa Mahmoud Abdo El Shamy

Hala Huessin Ragab Hegy

Sherifa Omar Abd El-Hamid

Hesham Mohamed Abd El Halem Saleh

Sherin Mohamed Salah El-Din Mahmoud El-Hadary

Hisham Abdo Ebrahium Abbas

Soha El Sayed Abd El-Aziz El-Bahnasawy

Karim Talat Hassan El-Madawy

Waled Mohamed Ali Ismail

Khalid Ahmed Mohamed Shahin

Zinat Eid Soliman Ahmed

Mai Abd El-Kader Mohamed El-Deeb



Third: As for the workshop entitled "Improving the capabilities for internationalization", the names of those accepted will be announced soon.

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