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The French government grants a professor at Mansoura University the "Great Officer"

Prof. Farah Abdel Aziz El-Shennawy- Professor of Clinical Pathology and Immunology and former Vice-President of Mansoura University,

 received the French Order of Merit "Great Officer". This is the one of the highest honors awarded by the French government to scientists. She has received it for her scientific research and outstanding efforts in consolidating Egyptian-French relations.
Dr. Farah Al-Shennawi has held many administrative positions where she was held as vice dean of the Faculty of Medicine for postgraduate studies. She is also the first woman to hold the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and she is the first woman at the University of Mansoura become a Vice-President for the higher studies at Mansoura University. Recently, she is a director of the stem Center for Research Mansoura University.

Delegation of the University of Vilnius visits Mansoura University

The delegation of University of Vilnius which consists of Prof. Sawils Mastika – Vice president at University of Vilnius and

Prof. Andres Lupata, Professor of Mathematics at Vilnius University visited Mansoura University. The meeting was attended by Prof. Ashraf Suelem-Vice-President of the University for Graduate Studies, Research and Cultural Relations, Sahar Abdel Rahman-the university coordinator of the European Union programs (Erasmus Plus), in order to activate the agreement between the two universities of the scientific exchange system (Erasmus+). The European delegation presented a video about the Vilnius University, the teaching system and its administrative structure. In this manner, Prof. Ashraf Swelem presented a similar video about Mansoura University, explained the university departments and established a joint scientific degree between the two universities.
Then the delegation visited the Faculty of Computers and Information and met with Prof. Hassan Suleiman - Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information, and Dr. Ahmed Abo el-Ftoh- vice dean for Graduate Studies and Research to study ways of joint cooperation between the two universities and to start discussing the progress of the project to obtain a double degree in computers and information between the two universities.
Through this scientific agreement between the two universities, five members of Mansoura University (two faculty members and three MA students specializing in microbiology for five months) were sent to the University of Vilnius.

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Mansoura University wins 5 State awards 2016

The Council of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology announced the winners of the State Science Awards for 2016

 in the presence of Dr. Khalid Abdul Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Dr. Mahmoud Saqr, President of the Academy.

Mansoura University received five awards: Prof. Dr. Hassan Abou El Enin, Professor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, received the State Award for Medical Sciences. Prof. Ahmed Refaat El-Nahhas, Professor of Medicine, received the State Prize for excellence in medical sciences. The Encouraging State in Science Medical Sciences Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Mustafa El-Shal, Lecturer at Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Abdel Aziz Mohamed Hussein Assistant, Professor at Faculty of Medicine
Prof. Ibrahim Ibrahim Al-Sharkawi, Professor of Engineering, received the State Encouragement Award in Engineering Sciences.

Prof. Ashraf Sweilem, Vice-President of the University for Graduate Studies and Research congratulated all the winners of the State Science Awards, wishing them success and further progress in scientific research.

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