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Vice President congratulates the Christian in the post-graduate sector

Prof. Ashraf Mohamed Sweilem, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, met with Coptic workers in the sector of post-graduate studies, research and cultural relations

at Mansoura University to congratulate them on Christmas and New Year.He expressed his happiness with their meeting and stressed on that Muslims and Copts employees work together in tolerance and cooperation, and the people of Egypt with its Muslims and Copts is one fabric combined by one homeland and one hope in building modern Egypt.

The Coptic workers in the sector thanked him and they congratulated him on the New Yea

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Launch applying the Ithenticate program on scientific research papers

The President of theMansoura University has approved the applying the program of "Ithenticate" on scientific research

on 1 June 2017, with maximum number of research papers is 2000 papers per year.
The fees of Ithenticate program are 130 Egyptian pounds for one research paper for progress to examine the scientific research provided by faculty members and post-graduate students and expatriates from inside and outside University. 

Amend the rules of missions

The Council of the University approved on 27/11/2017 the amendment of the rules of missions to become as follows:

1. The duration of the mission to obtain a doctorate degree shall be four years and may not be extended for a fifth year without the approval of the councils of the university, provided that it is considered case by case.
2. It is not permissible to approve training or personal scientific mission until returning to the university and spending the three years.
3. Training or personal scientific mission may be approved for a joint supervision mission after two years spending at the university from the date of obtaining his/her doctorate degree.
4. Any contravention of previous decisions shall be canceled

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