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Mansoura University occupies the third position of the Egyptian universities in the CWUR classification of 2018


Mansoura University occupies the third position of Egyptian universities in Center World University Rankings (CWUR)

The report points to the progress of the ranking of 4 Egyptian universities in the world: Cairo University occupies the rank of (452), Ain Shams University ranks of (715), Mansoura University ranks of (884), and the University of Alexandria ranks of (903).

The CWUR classification is based on seven indicators in the ranking of the top 1,000 universities in the world: the quality of education, the alumni employment, quality of the faculty, research output,  quality of publications , influence and citation.

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A delegation from the University of Aberdeen at Mansoura University

Prof/ Mohamed Kenawy – president of Mansoura University, received prof/ Marcel Gaspairs – Head of the department of chemistry and director of marine biology drugs center.
The visit comes to discuss the scientific and research cooperation between the two universities especially in the fields of pharmacy and drug discovery
The meeting comes within the framework of Mansoura University to promote its international cooperation and having a real partnership for the internationalization of education and scientific research
Prof. Marcel Gasparis lectured at the Faculty of Pharmacy on the marine biology drugs from international waters and efforts at the United Nations to develop a legal mechanism for the distribution of discoveries fairly all over the world
On the sideline of this cooperation, Dr./ Wael Hussein obtained a project supporting a workshop inside Mansoura University to bridge scientific research with the pharmaceutical industry.

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Mansoura University wins the first positions in the Judo African Championship

Prof. Mohamed El-Kenawy, President of Mansoura University, Prof. Ashraf Swailam, Vice-President of the University for Post-graduate Studies and Research, have honored the students

 who won the top positions in the African Judo Championship in Burundi

The students were honored: Asmaa Abdel Moneim Abdul Azim, Faculty of Dentistry, who won the first position in the African Judo Championship with the weight of 52 kilos; and Shaimaa Abdel Monem Abdel Azim, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, who won the second position with a weight of 57 kg and Moaz Mustafa Hosni, Faculty of Pharmacy who won the second position with the African Championship with weight over 100 kg. In addition, Captain Mohamed Saad Mohamed, the team manager, was honoredand Captain Karim Shaaban Al – Saeedi, coach.

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