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Mansoura University held a workshop on biotechnology applications

Mansoura University, organized in collaboration with the University of Aberdeen at the United Kingdom

 the workshop for the first time to link scientific research in the field of biotechnology and how to transfer the scientific research into the industry.

The workshop was opened by Prof. Ashraf Sweilem - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research with the Industry and market experts both Dr. Ian Votrnham – the British director of genza company for Bio-Industries and Mr. Paul Goddard – the British expert to market bio-products, and the coordinator of the workshop, Dr. Wael Hussein, the assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy and a member of the scientific mission at the University of Aberdeen. In the presence of, Prof. Nahed al-Anani - Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Prof. Mohamed Salah – the official office of international relations at the university.

The workshop was attended by more than 120 participants from the faculty members, post- graduate students and students from the faculties of medicine, pharmacy, nursing, science and engineering and agriculture, where the workshop was held under the title:
"Towards a vibrant low-carbon bio-based economy in Egypt: the use of synthetic biology and advanced industrial biotechnology for an accelerated transition"

Prof. Wael Hussein explained the importance of this vital area which links between scientific research, manufacturing and how to transfer the product to suit the market needs in the fields of bio-industries.

Prof. Mohamed Salah noted to the keenness of Mansoura University on international cooperation, which increases the efficiency of the Egyptian cadres, which will reflect on the development of education and scientific research.

Prof. Ashraf Sweilem stressed on that the cooperation comes in the framework of the state.

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Mansoura University seeks the technological cooperation with the Sheffield University, England

In the framework of the development of Mansoura University, scientifically and technologically at the international level,

the Prof. Ashraf Sweilem - Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, visited the University of Sheffield in England to Advance the search for technological and scientific cooperation and identify the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre capabilities (AMRC) at the University of Sheffield.

Prof. Keith Ridgeway - Dean and president of the Board of center, Mr. Richard Scaife - the director of the center and Mrs. Hana Teo - the official International Relations Center received Prof. Ashraf Sweilem and Prof. Hassan ElDesoki - professor of physics at the Faculty of Science at the University of Mansoura, a member of the scientific mission at the University of Sheffield and researcher at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Center.

Prof. Ashraf Sweilem gave a presentation on the Mansoura University, especially those is taken about the renewable energy Research Institute at Gamasa. Also, Prof. Hassan Desouki and Mr. Richard Scaife, from the English side, display the possibilities at Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and the continued research centers such industries center servers for the production of nuclear energy, the Center for automated design and manufacturing center, medical instruments, the Centre for Advanced Materials made from carbon fiber, and the training center and vocational rehabilitation for young graduates.

Mr. Schiff pointed out that the establishment of this center represents a real model of cooperation between the university and industry, represented by the giant companies such as Pyongyang, Airbus and Rolls-Royce.

Prof. Mohamed Salah – the official Office of International Relations and the coordinator of the project to establish Energy Institute explained that this visit comes within the framework of strengthening the capacity of energy research to be established in the extension of Mansoura University at Gamasa.

Prof. Ashraf Sweilem pointed to the importance of benefiting from the experiences of Egyptians abroad and transferred their expertise to the university, as well as cooperation with universities and distinctive centers in whole the world for the transfer of scientific and research expertise.

Call for AGYA Membership 2017

The Arab-German Young Academy of Sciences and Humanities (AGYA) at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities is pleased to announce its Call for Membership 2017.

 AGYA promotes research cooperation among outstanding early-career researchers from all disciplines who are affiliated with a research institution in Germany or any Arab country. The academy provides partnership-building opportunities and funding to support the innovative projects of its members in various fields of research as well as in science policy and education. More than 50 members – in equal number Arab and German scholars – have been selected to join AGYA since 2013. They have realized joint projects and initiatives in the framework of six interdisciplinary working groups: Arab and German Education; Common Heritage and Common Challenges; Energy, Water and Environment; Health and Society; Innovation; and Transformation.


1. Download the application form. Make sure to save it before you fill it out;
2. Assemble your application documents, which include:
- your CV with a list of publications,
- a letter of motivation, and
- two letters of academic references;
3. Send all the documents and the completed application form as a single PDF file via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The deadline for the submission of applications is 2 April 2017.

For more details, follow: 

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