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Calls for Scientific Publishing Incentives for 2016

Mansoura University announces opening the scientific publishing incentives competition for 2016 from 10/10/2017 until 10/11/2017.

The members of the faculty who are wishing to participate must complete their registration of research papers for 2016 at the academic data of faculty members' site with the attached plagiarism report for research papers. The research paper shouldn't be submitted more than once.

For more information on the rules and how to calculate the Scientific Publishing Incentives: click here

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Rifai is the Ambassador of Scientific Research at Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed El Refaie - lecture of Gastrointestinal Surgery,

is chosen as the Ambassador of Scientific Research in Egypt after receiving a PhD in Obstetrics Surgery from Heidelberg University, Germany.

He also presented a joint project funded by the Egypt Ministry of Scientific Research and the German Exchange Authority (DAAD) with value of 60,000 Euros to activate joint cooperation between Gastroenterology Center and University Hospital in Manhattan, Germany.

Launch applying the Ithenticate program on scientific research papers

The President of theMansoura University has approved the applying the program of "Ithenticate" on scientific research

on 1 June 2017, with maximum number of research papers is 2000 papers per year.
The fees of Ithenticate program are 130 Egyptian pounds for one research paper for progress to examine the scientific research provided by faculty members and post-graduate students and expatriates from inside and outside University. 

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