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Radiology course

The next meeting will be on the radiology course along the whole month starting from the next week
For reservation (1300 Egyptian pounds)
Call Mr Mohamed Arafat 01063036369.

Call for workshop on the preparations of the IELTS exam

The Center of the University Development announces a workshop on the preparations of the IELTS exam at Mansoura University.

In addition to, the British Council recognizes the scholarships of master's and doctorate and services of British Council. The workshop will be held on Thursday, 11 October 2018 at Hall of Prof. Magdy Abo Rayan, faculty of Engineering.

 -- IELTS exam

"IELTS" is the world's most famous international English exam, where more than two million people around the world take the exam each year. The IELTS exam is for immigration and visas. If you are applying for a visa to move to or stay in the UK, you can choose one of the following tests to prove your level in English.

-- IGCSE / International GCSE exams

1- Medical Exam

Are you looking to develop your career in the medical profession? We can help you to obtain medical qualifications from some of the most prestigious medical organizations in the UK.

2- Professional Exam

The British Council offers a wide range of professional examinations on behalf of a number of UK Board of Examinations and Universities.

3. Aptis test to assess English language skills

Choose "Aptis" to evaluate people efficiently and raise international English standards in your organization.

Mansoura University progresses in the classification of THE 2019

The classification of Times Higher Education (THE) of universities announces that the University of Mansoura progresses in its ranking of 2019.

The university is ranked internationally in the rankings 1001-800 for 2018 and has advanced from 2018 to 800-1000 in 2019. In addition, the university ranks the fourth occupation of all the Egyptian universities which are 12 Egyptian universities.

The classification is based on 13 international evaluations, which examines the strengths of each university from its functions, review the quality standards of scientific research and the high of citation of the research papers attributed in the international journals has impact factor and protocols of international cooperation and scientific research strategy.

For further information, follow!/page/0/length/25/locations/EG/sort_by/rank/sort_order/asc/cols/stats 

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