Oral Biology

Oral Biology


This is donethogh achieving the following straregic aims :

  •  Encouraging the positive interaction between students and staff members through performing scientific discussion, problem solving and microteaching .
  •  Encouraging research collaboration with scientific research centers .
  • Motivating the mutual influence between the students' educational programs and scientific researches .
  • Using advanced technological methods in teaching .
  •  Developing the research skills for the department staff members and their assistants .
  •  Directing educational programs and courses able to educate and train students to be efficient an responsible .
  •  Achieving the department integration through performing scientific joint research .
  •  Encouraging the competition between researchers through evaluating the seminars introduced by them and submitting them for the partial fulfillment of the master and doctor degree.
  •  Preparing a database for the department staff members and their assistants including their scientific researches and theses .
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