Oral Biology

Mission :

The department mission is to introduce knowledge to undergraduate and post graduate students about the nature, properties and structure of the oral, dental and paraoral tissues and studying their characteristic biological, histological and cytological features . In addition to identify the function of each part of these elements and its consistency to achieve its function . This aims to graduate well qualified dentists having knowledge and skills that are needed to a successful practical work and enable them to work properly .
Also, we seek to introduce the recent advances in histological and cytological research that aim to serve the human and society in the oral health care field .


Vision :

The department aspires to achieve a privileged position between the similar department in other faculties of dentistry in Egypt through lifting the educational level . Also, the department aims to achieve progress in the field of scientific researches to live up to a prestigious world and detain a place among advanced country .


This is donethogh achieving the following straregic aims :


Staff Members :-

Head of the department:

Professor  Mohamed El Sayed Mohamed Helal

Staff Members



Oral Histology:


Development and growth of the maxilla

Maxillary Sinus

Dental Morphology:

Permanent Maxillary Second & Third Molars


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