Oral and Maxillofacial


to produce Oral health care providers with a holistic approach to healthcare and management of patients with oral diseases. To be a leading centre for research, teaching and provision of quality services in the sphere of maxillofacial surgery, Diagnostic radiology and Imaging and Oral pathology and Medicine. Our philosophy of Patient Focused Care will be demonstrated by honesty, caring, compassion, collaborative teamwork, competency, and respect for patients, peers, families, and those we serve.



to train high caliber Oral health professionals, to carry out creative, innovative and inventive research in its core fields and to engage in the practice of high standards evidence based oral health care provision . We are dedicated to the provision of Patient Focused Care by treating the individual with dignity, respect and compassion, and being sensitive to the diversity of human needs.



The Educational Program Objectives:
• To develop the skills of the resident through didactic preparation, clinical experience, and hospital training; to ultimately engender a state-of-the-art oral and maxillofacial surgeon
• To foster the attitude of continued scientific inquiry, intellectual aspirations, and pursuit of excellence for the remainder of the individual's career
• To develop a profound sense of responsibility to the academic community, and to one's patients
• To share one's education, training and experience through participation in scientific meetings and through publications

 Acquired competencies:
diagnosis and surgical management of:
i. soft and hard tissue diseases of the oral cavity, head and neck
ii. precancerous lesions, benign and malignant neoplasms of the head and neck
iii. cranio-maxillo-facial trauma and post-traumatic reconstruction
iv. congenital and acquired cranio-maxillo-facial deformities with post-reconstructive rehabilitation
v. temporomandibular joint disorders
 These broad objectives are realized by specialty courses, daily contact with the teaching staff, interactions with patients, requirements for scientific publications, and research.


Course Contents for 3rd year
1- Sterilization.
2- Non-surgical Tooth Extraction.
3- Surgical Tooth Extraction.
4- Pain and Pain Control.
5- Local Anesthesia.
6- Wound Closure.
7- Complications of Minor Oral Surgery.

Course Contents for 4th year
1- Jaw Cysts.
2- Mandibular Fractures.
3- Facial Pain.
4- Salivary Glands.
5- Odontogenic infection.
6- Bone Graft.
7- Maxillary Sinus.
8- Soft Tissue Graft.
9- TMG.


Staff Members :-

Head of the department :

Professor    Mohamed Abd Almoniem Tawfik

Staff Members

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