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To maintain the Department of Orthodontics as a leader in academic orthodontics through excellence in our teaching, research, service/engagement, and patient care programs.


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To prepare students for community-based or academic practice allowing them to demonstrate excellence in their practice and leadership in their profession and community.


Education:  to provide an evidence-based foundation of behavioral, biologic, biomaterial, biomechanical and management principles to prepare students for their professional future.
Research:  to teach sound methodological principles in research and to instill the necessity of implementing evidence-based decision making into their professional careers.
Patient Care:  to prepare students to deliver high quality, innovative, efficient, compassionate, and ethical care.
Service:  to encourage students to serve diverse populations of patients, their communities, and the profession, and to advance the specialty of orthodontics by participating in teaching activities throughout their careers.


• provide consultation and education to the community
• contribute new knowledge through research
• produce excellent documentation of cases
• assure patient satisfaction


Undergraduate Education in Orthodontics :-

Undergraduate course in Orthodontics is designed to enable the qualifying dental student to diagnose, analyze and treat common Orthodontic problems by preventive, interceptive and corrective Orthodontic procedures.

This program provides an in depth knowledge about the growth and development, diagnosis , treatment planning, material Science , appliances and management of different types of malocclusion.

Clinical practice is limited to collection and analysis of records and correction of mild occlusal problems with removable appliances.

Postgraduate Education in Orthodontics :-

The goal of Orthodontics postgraduate  program is to provide advanced education in Orthodontics to highly qualified graduate dentists who are interested in a career or specialization practice, teaching and research.

A high level of advanced clinical skills and completion of a curriculum broadly representative of the basic and applied science is required. The Principals of scientific research design and evaluation are emphasized .

In the clinical area the student is exposed to different therapeutic philosophies through independent study, demonstrations and practice.

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