Vision :-

Oral & Maxillofacial Prosthodontic Department is looking forward to produce prosthodontic database in addition to application of recent technology in clinical and teaching work. Produce an inter-communication with the international prosthodontic departments to Increasing the number of international researches. To Synchronizing with the application of international academic standards for qualification and infection control to improve patient benefit. 

Mission :- 

Oral & Maxillofacial Prosthodontic Department is destination to learn the undergraduate’s students’ basics and clinical applications of removable prosthodontics. In addition to learn the postgraduate students and external residents advanced patient treatment work. to service enlarged number of edentulous and maxillofacial patients with the suitable rehabilitation prostheses in Delta region.


To train dental postgraduates to ensure higher competence in both general and special area of Prosthodontics and prepare a candidate for teaching, research and clinical abilities including prevention and after care in Prosthodontics including implantology.


General Objectives of the Course:-

1) Training programme in Prosthodontic dentistry including  Implantology is structured to achieve knowledge and skill in theoretical, laboratory and clinical attitude, communicative skills and ability to
research with understanding of social, cultural, education and
environmental background of the society.
2) The postgraduates will be able to provide Prosthodontic therapy for
patients with competence and working knowledge with understanding of
applied medical, behavioural and clinical science that are beyond the
treatment skills of the general B.D.S. graduates and judgement skills in making appropriate decisions regarding prevention, treatment after care and referral to deliver comprehensive care to patients.


Scientific KNOWLEGE:-



1) The candidate should be able to examine the patients requiring
Prosthodontic therapy, investigate the patient systematically, analyze the
investigation results, radiographs, diagnose the case, plan a treatment,
communicate it with the patient and execute it.
2) Understand the prevalence and prevention of diseases of craniomandibular system related to Prosthetic dentistry.
3) Applying different laboratory technique ,learning management based on skills and knowledge of Dental Materials and dental equipment and instruments.
4) To understand demographic distribution and target diseases of Craniomandibular region related to Prosthodontics .


1) Adopt ethical principles in all Prosthodontic practice. Professional honesty and integrity are to be fostered. Treatment to be delivered irrespective of social status, caste, creed or religion of patient.
2) Willing to share the knowledge and clinical experience with professional colleagues.
3) Willing to adopt new methods and techniques in Prosthodontics from time to time based on scientific research, which is in patient’s best interest.

Student Guide


Staff Members :-

Head of the department:

Professor  Salah Abd El- Ftah Hegazy


Staff Members




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