e-learning Unit


The e-learning unit is one of the pioneer and leading units all over Egypt and the Arab world within the field of E-Learning as well as being one of the main centers of developing and increasing the efficiency of the academic process in Mansoura University.


The e-learning unit is one of the units which follow the University Development Center. It aims at supporting the teaching staff members and the students of Mansoura University. In addition, one of its main objectives is to help them make the best use of information and communication technologies in order to increase the efficiency of the academic process according to the international standards.


The Unit's Objectives:

This unit aims at the following

  1. Spreading the culture of e-learning.
  2. 2-Constructing or building up an entity capable of serving the increasing numbers, so that it could provide good services to the students of Mansoura University.
  3. 3-Developing and carrying out or executing the programs which are necessary for serving the university students.
  4. 4-Supporting the different faculties of the university in order to get the accreditation through providing them with the support necessary for increasing or raising up the efficiency of the academic process.


Administrative structure:

Director of Unit:-

  •  Prof.  Dr. Noha Abdel Mawla Ahmed EL Waseefy.

Team Work:-

eng.Walaa Yehia Mohamed Director College's website


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