strategic objectives

The faculty strategic objectives
1. Supporting and enhancing the quality assurance system as well as educational and learning opportunities through innovating and developing the study programs for both undergraduate and post-graduate students so as to cope with the requirements of the labour market.
2. Supporting and developing the scientific research systems and encouraging national and international publishing.
3. Enhancing community-based participation in addition to serving and developing the environment.
4. Enhancing and developing the abilities of the faculty members and the associated staff as well as developing the administrative body and its capabilities.
5. Raising the standard of the services, activities and the support offered to the undergraduates and the post-graduates through improving the infrastructures.
The strategic aims; The Faculty of Dentistry Mansoura University:
To achieve the faculty mission, the following objectives have been specified:
1. Developing the organizational capabilities to raise competitiveness, supporting the educational effectiveness, qualifying for accreditation.
2. Preparing a competitive and distinguished dentist who is capable of meeting the requirements of the national and international labour market.
3. Raising the efficiency and developing the scientific research to prepare a well-qualified researcher who is able to develop the dentistry sector in both the academic and the technical levels and also to maximize the role of the faculty in serving the community and developing the environment.


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