Dental Biomaterials

Sample ImageDental biomaterials department mission:-

The department mission is to introduce knowledge to undergraduate and post graduate students about different materials used in the field of dentistry and also the basic science related to their physical, chemical and biological properties. This is to graduate well qualified dentists having knowledge and skills that are needed to get best use for these materials in their working life. Also, we seek to introduce the recent advances in these materials through well specialized scientific researches that aim to serve the society in the oral health care field.


Dental biomaterials department vision:-

The department aspires to achieve a privileged position between its similar departments in other faculties of dentistry in Egypt through lifting the students’ educational level. The department also aims to achieve progress in the field of scientific researches to live up to a prestigious world.


This is done through achieving the following strategic aims:-

  1. Directing educational programs and courses able to educate and train students to be efficient and responsible.
  2. Encouraging the positive interaction between students and staff members through performing scientific discussions, problem solving and microteaching.
  3. Motivating the mutual influence between the students’ educational programs and scientific researches.
  4. Using advanced technological means in teaching.
  5. Development of an integrated educational program for the students’ courses.
  6. Providing the society with outstanding scientific degrees.
  7. Developing the research skills for the department staff members and their assistants.
  8. Preparing database for the department staff members and their assistants including their scientific researches and theses.
  9. Achieving the department integration through performing scientific joint researches.
  10. Encouraging research collaboration with scientific research centers.
  11. Encouraging the competition between researchers through evaluating the seminars introduced by them and submitting them for the partial fulfillment of the master and doctoral degrees.
  12. Motivating researchers to be aware with every thing new in the field of scientific researches through displaying and discussing monthly published papers of specialized scientific international journals.

Student Guide 2016-2017

 Staff Members :-

Head of the department:

 Professor .Salwa Abd El Raouf Mohamed El Nejuly

Staff Members


Dental Materials Videos:-

Dental Biomaterials Videos on Moodle


D:reham course specification program for master degree-( 26-12)

D:reham course specification program for phd degree -( 26-12)

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